1812 Commemoration

To mark the 200th anniversary of the declaration of the War of 1812 and celebrate the 200 years of peace that have followed the Garrison, in collaboration with The Military Museums , held commemorative and educational events on Saturday June 16, 2012.  The date of the event had been selected as it fell close to June 18th, the day that War was declared against Britain by the United States.

Celebration & Parade Commemorating War of 1812

A military parade was held at the Military Museums featuring representation by the 78th Fraser Highlander Youth Squad and cadets from the 2554 PPCLI, 2384 Standoff Kanei and the 52 RCACS. Taking the parade salute was the Honourable Christine Cusanelli, Alberta Minister of Tourism, Parks & Recreation.  Other VIPs included Mr. Rob Anders MP Calgary West, Mr. Alex Budden – Consul General of the United Kingdon, Ms. Laura Lochman – Consul General of the United States of America and Deputy Mayor Alderman Richard Pootmans.  The parade was followed by demonstrations of period musketry and pipe and drum performances; volunteers in period costume will discuss and provide literature on the War of 1812.

ƒ¢¢”š¬…”Hands Across the Borderƒ¢¢”š¬ Dinner

A Regimental Mess Dinner was held at the Naval Museum of Alberta at The Military Museums later that evening.  The dinner echoed a similar event heldƒ”š on June 18th, 1812.  On that evening the officers of Fort Niagara were being hosted at a mess dinner by the British officers at Fort George.  Well into the dinner (and its liquid offerings) a courier burst into the dining room advising all of the state of war.  General Brock quite appropriately calmed the gathering, announced that bad news should not be allowed to spoil a good dinner and both groups carreid on toasting each other late into the night.  Eventually the British officers helped their American guests back to their boats, arm-in-arm, who then rowed back across the mouth of the Niagara river to their own fort.  The next day the two forces were at war and would shortly be bombarding each other.

Our thanks to Volunteer Sergeant Sam Chang for photographing the 1812 Commemorative Events.

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