The Modern 78th Fraser Highlanders

In 1964, during the planning stages of Expo 67, the authorities of the Montreal Military and Maritime Museum decided to re-raise the Regiment, as an historical commemorative society, to take part in the colour and festivities of the World’s Fair.  The Museum had already raised a squad, depicting La Compagnie Franche de la Marine of the same period as the 78th, and it was felt that a British regiment would provide a full picture of Canada’s bicultural history.  Colonel J. Ralph Harper spear-headed the formation of the Regiment, with significant financial support provided by Mr. David M. Stewart.

During Expo, a youth squad paraded in the old uniform, with replica equipment from 200 years before, performing various duties including that of an honour guard for H. M. Queen Elizabeth II, during her official state visit to Canada.  Since then, the tradition continues, with young people chosen to be Fraser Highlanders working during the summer months, presenting their 18th century military drills, with muskets or bagpipes and drums, at the Old Fort, St. Helen’s Island.  They give guided tours of the David M. Stewart Museum and often are seen at special events in the Montreal area.  In the mid-1970’s, the Colonel Commandant approved the formation of Outposts in other parts of North America.

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