78th Fraser Highlanders Calgary Garrison


The original 78th Fraser Highlanders was a Highland Regiment, raised in Scotland to fight in Canada during the Seven Years War. The Regiment fought with distinction at a number of battles including under General James Wolfe at both the Siege of Louisbourg and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. At the conclusion of the war the Regiment was disbanded in Canada and many members of the Regiment settled here and have become an important part of our nation’s history.

The 78th Fraser Highlanders were 're-raised' in 1964 as an historical reflection of Canada's past to perform at the Old Fort on Ille Ste. Helene during Expo 67 in Montreal.  Following the event, many people 'bought commissions' in the commemorative regiment in order to keep it alive.  

Pockets of supporters began to form in both Canada and the US which resulted in a system of Outposts and Garrison.  In a social sense, the Frasers are the largest private army in North America.  The modern 78th Frasers are an internationally recognized historical society whose primary mission is the preservation of the memory of the original Regiment, their commanders, comrades-in-arms and their adversaries.

The uniforms worn by the Frasers are replica to 1763 with a patch of Black Bear fur on their bonnets in place of a hat badge!  Their kilt is also very unique as it has two extra pleats on the apron reminescent of the philebeg or 'big kilt'.

With its headquarters in Montreal, the modern 78th Frasers have Garrisons located in: