78th Fraser Highlanders Calgary Garrison

Goals and Values

The 78th Fraser Highlanders - Fort Calgary Garrison will be a highly visible, credible organization; one that is well run, well-funded and well respected within the Calgary community, and in particular within the Calgary Scottish community.

The 78th Fraser Highlanders Youth Squad will be respected as a competent Grade 5 pipe & drum band of over twenty members; a graduate of the Squad should be a well-balanced, well-trained, informed individual of high moral character and discipline.

We will ensure that Garrison social events are welcoming, well attended, well planned & executed, and widely regarded as entertaining, educational and of good value.

The Garrison will be self-funded, with operating costs funded from Garrison membership, drawing on the resources of a membership base of at least 100 Officers and Miladies.

The Garrison will provide a Margin of Excellence in the training of the Youth Squad; offering experiences and training above-and-beyond that required to sustain a competent and worthy pipe and drum band, including major field trips and enhanced training & performance opportunities. In order to do so it will avail itself of all relevant sources of additional revenue including private and corporate donations, gaming revenues, performance fees and fundraising activities.