78th Fraser Highlanders Calgary Garrison

Goals and Values

The 78th Fraser Highlanders - Fort Calgary Garrison is a highly visible, internationally acclaimed, well-funded and well respected organization. It welcomes ethnic diversity, and is founded on principles of good order and discipline

We have high standards of performance, behaviour, dress and deportment.  It is not for everyone!  

The 78th Fraser Highlanders Youth Squad is a living page of Canadian history.  the squad is comprised of well-balanced, well-trained, informed individuals of high moral character and discipline.

We will ensure that Garrison social events are welcoming, well attended, well planned & executed, and widely regarded as entertaining, educational and of good value.

The Garrison itself-funded, with operating costs funded from Garrison membership, drawing on the resources of a membership base of at least 100 Officers and Miladies.

The Garrison is dedicated to providing a Margin of Excellence in the training of the Youth Squad; offering experiences and training above-and-beyond that required to sustain a competent and worthy pipe band, including major field trips and enhanced training & performance opportunities.