78th Fraser Highlanders Calgary Garrison

Social Activities

In support of the Youth Squad, The Calgary Garrison engages annually in a series of social events.

Traditional Highland military mess dinners honour and celebrate the memory of the original 78th Fraser Regiment and their contributions to Canadian history.

On occasion, we partner with the Calgary Highlanders of the Primary Reserve to host certain social events.

We also host casual Family BBQs and are planning a Pub Night in the fall of 2023.

In the past, we have traditionally sponsored a live fire musket event where we invite the 'Musket Patrons' as well as their assigned pipers from the Youth Squad and the families of the Youth Squad for a fun day of target practice using the muskets.

Our Robbie Burns Night is a well attended family event normally held in a selected community hall where the meal is cooked (under the watchful eye of a certified Guest Chef) and served by members of the Youth Squad.  

Throughout the year, we also host a Lord Lovat Dinner and assorted events when the spirit moves us!