78th Fraser Highlanders Calgary Garrison

Command Group

Within the 78th Frasers Highlanders organization, the Board of Directors are referred to as the “Command Group”.

Officer Commanding – Major Kyle Scott

Past-Officer Commanding - Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel Randy Fisher

Second-in-Command – Captain Rod McLeod

Paymaster - Volunteer Sergeant Maria Neuwirth

Band Officer – Captain Rod McLeod

Armourer – Captain Gordon Nairn

Recruiting Officer(s) – Lieutenant Thomas Farquharson

President of the Mess Committee – Capt Lt Glynis Grigg and Lt Julien DeSchutter

Membership Officer - Ensign Jamie Osborne

Signals Officer – Volunteer Sergeant Brian Shimmons

Fundraising Officer/Casino – Capt Lt Patrizia Forigo

Historian / Recording Secretary - Captain Ed Brown

Quartermaster and Garrison Bard - Lieutenant-Colonel Jim Osborne

Other Key Officers:

Chairman of the Trust – Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel Gary Tuchscherer

Area Commander, Central Command (Central USA & Canada) –  Lieutenant-Colonel Jim Osborne Note: the use of “rank” within the 78th Frasers is ceremonial, it is only used within Fraser activities and in no way intended to imply actual military rank or equivalency to any Canadian military, police, Coast Guard or other first responder organization. Little bit like a Kentucky Colonel - with a Canadian accent!


Band Officer: Captain Rod McLeod

A/Band Officer: Mark Andrews

Band Administration Officer: V/Sgt Jason McInnis

Recruiting & Retention: P/M Donna McInnes

Chief Instructor: Lt Thomas Farquharson

Piping Instructor: Quinn Gardner

Drumming Instructor: Lloyd Martens

Highland Dancing Instructor: Kirsty Thackery